How a company’s CMO can leverage Predictive Analytics to align Sales and Marketing

Companies that use predictive analytics save a lot of money that they would otherwise have wasted on sales forecasting. Accurate sales projections are especially crucial to B2B firms because they can help a business run smoothly. A company that employs predictive analytics can significantly reduce costs. Today, the problem is not that there is insufficient […]

The Role of Predictive Analysis in Marketing and Sales

Recently, CSO Insights reported that 54% of projected transactions by sellers are never successful. The sales forecast is an area that depends on a long list of spreadsheets and instincts. The main issue is that people devise personal presumptions that result in conflicting expectations and definitions. Furthermore, businesses use unreliable models to factor in every […]

Why Near-shoring to Canada is the New Offshore for Outsourcing Your Software Development?

More companies are turning to “nearshoring” as they come under pressure from factors arising from politics and the changing cost-benefit dynamics of labor(the cost of labor in foreign countries is rising steadily).   Software engineering outsourcing often provides the best ROI for clients in the United States, although this factor is highly dependent upon the outsourcer’s […]

Manage services vs Staff Augmentation

There is much interest to evaluate converting staff augmentation engagements to Managed Services. Generally defined as a third party running a service for a company with agreed measurable outcomes, Managed Services promises to deliver greater cost savings and efficiencies by allowing the supplier more ownership of a process. Utilization of staff augmentation delivers benefits as […]

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